Tsukiji fish market

Some pics from the outer Tsukiji fish market (used to be largest fish market in the world, woooooo 😀 ) and the best sushi place 🙂

Speaking of sushi, you can find it everywhere in here. We had some good one yesterday evening. It was a running sushi bar. So sushi is circulating on a belt and you can pick whatever you feel like eating. There were 3 colors of plates and each color was meaning different price (100,200,300 Yen). Most of the sushi was for 100/200 yen. At the end they count your plaates and take your moooney 😀

It was a good shushi, but the one that we had today was the best we ever had in our lives (at least me 😀 ).

Faaancy entrance 🙂

At the end we payed around 2600 yen, which is equivalent of cca 20 Eur. It was the best deal in my life 😀

Here is the location