Getting to Tokyo

So, after long period of silence i have decided to keep on writing something here from time to time. Why? Because i can and because I have migrated my website to WordPress which seems pretty awesome 😀 Still have to bring back the old blog posts, but i will do that later.

What am i doing here (in Tokyo)? Well, technically i just landed few hours back, so its hard to say, but the plan is to do some sightseeing/tourist shit in the morning – after lunch and then just work in the evening. Basically flipping the normal day and having the working part at the end of the day. I will wander around for 1 week, and after that i am going to move to Hokkaido , and have the same day structure there. We will omit sightseeing and just do snowboarding/skiing in allegedly the best powder region in the world 😀

So, how did i get here ? The answer is : Very painfully 😀

  • 4:30 alarm
  • 6:00 arrival at the airport
  • 9:50 departure with 1-hour delay (due to maaaaasive snowfall, most of the flight that day were canceled, i was lucky that i was flying in the morning and our flight went through)
  • 10:00 arrival to London
  • 10:30 passing the airport security after about 20 min waiting time for a “supervisor” that had told that my avalanche backpack is fine (it has a bomb containing compressed air)
  • 10:50 running (since i have already missed a few fights) to the gate and boarding the aircraft
  • 7:30 arriving to Tokyo
  • 8:00 two nice ladies with my printed name informed me, that my snowboards (second luggage) did not make it all the way to Tokyo and they will send it to me tomorrow. What can i say ? I hope they will appear tomorrow.

Ok, thaaats it, now some pictures, and i am done. Finally 😀

Departure from Munich
Some beauty treatment
Landing in tokyo