Triathlon challenge accepted

So after 3 weeks of “hard” training which contained mainly from drinking booze , programming and drinking booze again  i decided to do something good for my super best heavenly body.

Triathlon season is comming So i did 1,5 km of swimming, 40 km of bike and 10km run which is referred as Olympic distance triathlon according to Wiki ( . Now i feel like a Olympic sportsman , but also as shit. This was my fist “triathlon”. Hell yeah 😀  I am ready for summer olympics 2016 in Rio de janeiro (riodežanejro).

1,5 km swim = 00:34:00
40 km biike  =   01:30:00
10 km run    =  01:10:00
total            = 03:14:00

I don’t know if this time is good or bad, most likely bad but for my first run is good.